Japanese ofuro strikingly differs from all our conceptions of classical bath. Neither steam nor brooms are used here. Ofuro is a short steep sided wooden bathtub. The water is hot, usually approximately 40-45 degrees. Traditional pot shaped cast iron furo is heated by a wood-burning stove built in below.

banya-ofuro-03While getting into the tub pay attention that water should be deep enough that you can sit submerged up the heart The whole procedure lasts for about 10-15 minutes. Then its recommended to dry thoroughly  and put a dressing-gown on and have a rest on a couch.

For about 60 kinds of herbs can be used while relaxing in ofuro. The mix of herbs is put on the special spoon and heat up to 60 degrees. A person submerges in such a liquid up to the neck. Procedure lasts for about 8-12 minutes

Ofuro is excellent for relieving stress. It also provides stimulation of cardiovascular and kidneys. Such a bath is useful when a person has metabolic disorders or rhemautic pains. Moreover, ofuro helps to reduce  tiredness and become full of energy. The Japanese in fact are proud of their health not without the reason putting it at the same level as the quality of watches, electronic devices and cars.