yasinya-01     Yasinya village lies at an altitude of 650 m above sea level at the foot of Hoverla, Petros, Gemini, and 40 km from the geographical center of Europe. First mentioned in documents in 1555 Yassin — a favorite place for many tourists, who rest here all year round. Interesting examples of folk architecture of the XVII century. — Strukovsky church.
Yassin village famed monuments of wooden architecture, folk and artistic creativity, working craftsmen carving, leather processing, wool; distinctive Hutsul tkatstvo and embroidery, have their own folk composers and artists and others. The songs and dances Kolomyjka yasinchan listened and watched not only in Ukraine but also abroad.
Characteristic of the population of the village — national cuisine.
The outskirts of the village — forests, high mountains and mountain valleys, where summer grazing herds of cows and sheep. Snow is up to the end of May, which allows skiers to rest more than six months. In winter, at your service lifts, landscaped trails and summer mushrooms, berries, healthy air, mineral springs. Forest rich in flora and fauna. All of this creates an unforgettable vacation here.